Hello Everyone
I just found this place today and like what I see so far. I have been doing a little bit of terrain making here and there but never really knew where to find other people. I like working low cost and got my start watching trash terrain videos by commissar gamza. I like the idea of the contest thread as I sometimes find having to work within established parameters can be a great motivator of creativity. A lot of the stuff I have done has been on a cd sized base. I have done a few objective pieces on poker chip sized bases.

About my user name locomoticopter. I started using that name on model railroad sites. I am a little into model railroads just for the terrain factor. That is the locomoti- part. The copter part is because I am a helicopter mechanic.

Hope to have fun here.
(05-07-2017, 11:26 AM)locomoticopter Wrote: I just found this place today and like what I see so far.

Hello and welcome! Glad you could join us here in our little pocket of the web.

There are a lot of people here making terrain from "found items" (read that as "trash") including myself. I like to keep things as low-budget as possible and recycle any number of items into terrain for gaming.

In fact, I think I'll go dig thru my recycling bin RIGHT NOW!
Hi and welcome Big Grin

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